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Premium Full-Service Dentist in Emerald QLD

If you are looking for an affordable full-service dental clinic in Emerald Qld, then we would like to warmly welcome you to A2Z Dental. As the name suggests, we offer a comprehensive range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments in Emerald, for children, teens, and adults alike.

So whether you are looking for a trusted dentist to oversee your child’s first dental visit or you have long-lasting tooth pain that won’t go away, make an appointment at our dentists in Emerald Qld today.

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About Our Dental Team in Emerald Qld

Our state-of-the-art dental practice is conveniently located on Ruby Street where patients visiting us in Emerald Qld are likely to find ample parking both on and off-site. Patients can expect a warm welcome and a contemporary setting, complete with light and airy décor, comfortable seating, books and magazines for children and adults alike, and chilled water. Our team itself is both highly experienced and well equipped to provide an array of dental care services and cosmetic treatments designed to protect, restore and rejuvenate your smile.

If you are looking for a trusted dental practice in Emerald who can cater to the needs of you and your family, then book an appointment either by phone or online today. On behalf of our Emerald Qld team, we look forward to welcoming you.

Our Dental Care in Emerald Qld – What Patients Can Expect

We invest in only the best technology designed to streamline many dental processes making them more convenient, more comfortable, and in some cases, faster for patients.

CEREC technology, for example, allows us to create permanent lifelike restorations like dental crowns and veneers while you wait; while digital dental implants in Emerald allow us to virtually plan and then surgically position your dental implants using a flapless surgical technique. For patients, the latter drastically reduces chair-side surgery time allowing for predictable results and a speedy recovery.


Aside from technology, our dental treatments in Emerald are wide and varied and include:

  • All aspects of kids dentistry
  • Orthodontic treatment – so you don’t have to see a specialist Orthodontist in Emerald
  • Cosmetic dentistry – teeth whitening and porcelain veneers
  • General dentistry – dental check-ups, mercury-free white tooth fillings, teeth extractions and root canal therapy
  • Restorative dentistry – crowns, bridges dentures and dental implants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many dentists do you have working at your dental clinic in Emerald Qld?

We have one highly skilled dentist working at our dental practice who has the skill and experience to provide a wide variety of dental treatments and services. They adopt a patient-centred approach and use the latest gentle dental techniques.

In addition to our dentist, Emerald patients can benefit from 2 highly capable support staff who assist our dental clinician in all aspects of patient care.

Do I have to live in Emerald Qld to visit you?

In a word, no. Because we’re a well-established and trusted, full-service dentist, visiting patients come from all over regional Queensland to visit. So if you are looking for a family dentist in or near Emerald Qld to look after the oral health needs of your family, get in touch and see just how we can help.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.